Thursday, January 19, 2006



I just think it's amazing how many websites I can find that are devoted to arming the layman with anti-libertarian techniques and arguments. In fact, there's a whole index of libertarian subjects and how to dismantle or refute each one. For example, they have this definition of Austrian Economics and a host of essays about why it's no good:
Austrian Economics is a fringe academic view which is greatly preferred by many libertarians on ideological grounds. However, it has even less predictive power than mainstream economics, and has many commonsense problems.
Do they mean ideological grounds as in "interpersonal utility comparisons are impossible" and "the assumptions of the perfect competition model are inaccurate" or ideological grounds as in value judgments? This website will keep me busy for at least a month.

Neo-classical economics makes predictions easier. There is no doubt about that. The problem is that many of their assumptions are over-simplified or just plain wrong. Keep us updated Travis.
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Who said whatever was deleted at 9:52am? Was it profane? What happened there?
It was just a link that couldn't be seen because it was too long.
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