Thursday, April 06, 2006


Practical Legal Issue

I tried to pay my rent online last night. Everything was going smoothly, logging in, etc. until I went to the "pay online" link, where it informed me that "We're sorry, this property no longer acccepts credit card payment online." Turns out they don't take credit card payment at all right now, which is the way I have always paid my rent.

This was the 5th of April and rent is late on the 6th. When I went to the front office today with a check for my normal amount of rent, they told me they wouldn't accept the check unless it included a 5% late fee (about $20). They said they had put fliers in all the residents' doors announcing a change of management and that they wouldn't accept credit cards, but I have never seen that flier. I'm sure it was in my door at some point, but it never got to me.

I told them I wasn't going to pay it because it was their change of policy that made my payment late; they said they would have to tape the check on my door because I had five days to pay the rent; I got the information of the regional manager and left a short message on his voicemail about the whole ordeal. I hope he'll be more sensible about this, but who knows?

This is the third time management has changed and I'm getting really frustrated with the different policies for each different property management company. Do you have any advice for me? Shouldn't they make it easy for me to pay them? Help me out, because this thing aint over.

Fight like hell, but make sure you have that money handy. If you get the chance, bug the district manager as much as possible. Make sure that you can actually speak to them on the phone or ask to speak with them in person.

Have you had any late payments before? If you haven't that makes it a better case for you.

Luckily, I haven't had to deal with the management switch before. I did have to deal with the rent payments and that was enough of a pain. From their eyes, you are guilty until proven innocent. Give 'em hell!

Legally they have the upper hand. Also, when you get this all worked out, talk to the manager and make sure that they do not report the "late payment" to any credit reporting agencies (or report this as "late" -- it could really screw you up later).
I've learned that if you scream loud enough, companies will give what you want (this month anyways). Try working the

My advice: be an asshole till they cave.
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Don't worry, I'm being a pretty big asshole. I'm not sure what the odds are of them caving, though.

And I'll be especially loud if they don't drop the late fee. I might even try to get something in the Technician about how retarded they are if this goes much further.
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There was no check taped to my door when I got home tonight. I'll keep everyone posted on any developments.
Good dude!
My roommate just called me and said they left a notice about late rent and my check with him.

I don't know what this is going to take.

Side note: is this related to my long-term contract with them? In fact, my long-term contract is with the apartment complex, not the new management firm. Don't they care if they piss off their residents?

What should I do?
Pay them and keep fighting it. Call that district manager at least a dozen times over the weekend.
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