Sunday, August 27, 2006


Global Warming on a Train

It's almost as cool as Snakes on a Plane. Has anyone NOT seen this ad? Maybe I've spent too much time with global warming skeptics, but I swear I laughed out loud when I saw this on TV. Is it way over the top or is it just me?

Did no one else laugh?
Hilarious. If I saw it on TV, it would have been even better.

The video that Travis linked to didn't work for me, but I found it on YouTube.

However, I found out this weekend that not everyone thinks SoaP is as funny as I did. Apparently, if one is afraid of snakes and also hates anything suspenseful, the movie is very scary. So, a word of caution that I thought would have been totally unnecessary: If you are A) Deathly afraid of snakes, or B) Categorically hate suspense films, do not see Snakes on a Plane.
Just make sure Roy sees it, Jenna.
I'm amazed this is supposed to be serious...reminds me of this commercial from a movie...sorry for the crappy quality...
What channel is this on, by the way?
I can't remember which channel I was watching. Maybe Comedy Central?
I put it on the JLF blog this morning; I'll let you know if Roy comments.

On a side note, I love that YouTube provides the html for embedding videos. Very cool.
Jon Sanders' edition to the original ad.
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