Wednesday, January 11, 2006


On Smoking and Plunder...

I think Bastiat would say that this most recent usurpation of smokers' rights falls under the general heading of Plunder. Specifically, I think he'd call it Partial Plunder, wherein those in the majority take what they can from a minority.

It's depressing to think that Democrary - the supposed panacea for all society's problems - can't possibly solve this one. As long as there are more non-smokers who believe they are entitled to smoke-free air whereever they go than property-owning smokers who can withstand them, this problem will persist.

Jenna, I had to comment on this particular post to ask if this fledgling site — which I like a lot, and now has to crowd out other blogs on my daily reading, darn it! — has already become victim of Friday the 13th.

Please click the link embedded in "work peep" to see what I'm talking about.
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