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Below is just a veritable bevy of articles on Organ Markets.

Here is one by GMU's Walter Williams titled "Organs for Sale". Simple questions and contemporary concerns to uncover the fallacies of current policy.

Here is an article by the Independent Institute's David Kaserman titled
The AMA’s Opposition to Organ Markets. Just like the AMA's control on the supply of doctors, they want to control the supply of donors and organs. Do you think that they really care, if you live or die?

This is a very useful treatment of the ethical concerns for Organ Markets. Economists are sometimes amoral on these sort of issues, but here is an appropriate article on what is likely a concern for a great many people. It is titled Eight Ethical Objections to an Organ Market… And Why They’re Wrong by Stephanie Murphy.

Here is a quick economics lesson (press release style) on organ markets: A CALL FOR CADAVERIC ORGAN MARKETS. Most people seems to believe that there currently isn't one. But there is! And since there is one, it should be more efficient and people should be compensated accordingly for use of their own private property.

Here is a nice article from last month's Regulation titled Radical Operation: Trying to Save Lives with Organ Markets.

A very useful idea. Auction anyone?...E-BAY FOR ORGANS.

Here's a take by the John Locke Foundation's own Travis Fisher.

Lastly, here are two articles by the good folks at the Ayn Rand Institute:
The Legality and Morality of Selling Organs for Transplant and Human Organs for Sale?.

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