Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Re2: Stupid Americans

Perhaps it is not the monopoly or even extensive subsidization, since in the earlier years of the U.S. public school monopoly, we did lead much of the world in academic standards. Perhaps in the SR, this governmental policy does not have such damaging effects. But in the LR, which Keynes died and left us with, perhaps this monopoly stimulates artificial demands for education, excessive waste, lowered quality, and all the problems of our current system.

John Stossel (ABC’s 20/20 last Friday), does point out that the Belgian schools where there was choice did better than either the French or Swiss schools that are substantially socialized .

Perhaps simple school choice does lead to better performance, even under a government monopoly. There seems to be evidence that, when government groups have even the threat of competition, they perform much better.

Here is some information on the potential for school choice.

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