Friday, January 20, 2006


Subject of the Day

The United State Postal Service

With the increase of the postage rate to 39 cents, it is time once again to acknowledge this governmental monopoly and ask if we can do better.

In an attempt to 'ease the pain' of these postage increases, it has been suggested that we use what is called forever stamps. More on these can be found here, here, and here (p26).

While the forever stamps won't solve the problem of inefficiency ("In effect, those who mail letters to a near location are subsidizing those who are mailing letters to distant locations") and monopoly control, they could ease the constant transitions and changes in postal rates.

The best aid in improving the U.S. Postal Service is competition (if not out-right sale of the beast). There were some very good attempts at just improving service by the The American Letter Mail Company and Wells Fargo before competition was banned.

A good book on the subject is titled "Uncle Sam the Monopoly Man" by William Wooldridge.

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