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Today is the anniversary of the death of the great Abolitionist Frederick Douglas. He lived from 1818 to 1895 and was quite a prolific orator and writer. In deed he is one of the most prominent African Americans of all time, and a very important character in America’s history. He was born into slavery in Maryland and escaped from this bondage on September 3, 1838.

He was a follower of the principles of William Lloyd Garrison and a frequent contributor to Garrison’s weekly journal “The Liberator”.

Additionally, Douglas conferred with presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson over the treatment of black soldiers and the issues of black suffrage. Douglass was also an ordained minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

You can listen to his "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave" here.

Here's a bit more on him and some of his writings.

Oh yeah and today is President's Day, right?

Who cares? I know everybody is thinking that. I wish we celebrated more holidays!
Just for the record, Washington's birthday is actually Wednesday.

All persons named "George" or born on Feb 22 can get into Mount Vernon for free that day. Unfortunately, I don't qualify.
Shouldn't you have the day off, being an employee of the iron fist... I mean state government?

And sorry my Austrian post is taking so long. I had a really long Friday. I'll post it soon.
Exactly...being an employee of the State, I have a right to the day off. In fact, I have a right to not work at all. Now, I just need the government to enforce my rights!
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