Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Continuing the Virtue of Capitalism

I would like to welcome Kevin Carson to the debate.

He has continued it from where we left , off.

Feel free to continue that by commenting here.

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Kevin has set the stage for a capitalist system where corporations are not just assisted by the state, they have actually come to form some "corporatacracy" and so employment is in a sense not truly voluntary.

I can agree that this exists, especially those cases of monopsony and regional mobility issues, but it seems less likely where there is a significant labor market and truly competing businesses.

That's "corruptocracy"? Did I get that right?
No, I was trying to combine
Corporate + Aristocracy=Corporatacracy
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We need to be asking the right questions:

First, can entities that are not people really be accused of anything?

Second, if corporations are becoming the new aristocracy, who's to blame? (Jenna's answer: Corporate Welfare from government)

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You might find the on-going Wal-Mart debate at Travis' blog interesting for a further discussion on corporate and governmental interaction
You might find a new FEE article interesting:
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