Monday, February 27, 2006


Drug Policy

Today NewMark took an interesting approach to Drug Policy. I, along with numerous others, questioned his views last week (and his opposition to the Libertarian point of view) and here is his response.

Additionally, here is some info:
The Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, and An Analysis of Marijuana Policy.

Disclaimer: As long as we have a welfare state, we can't legalize all drugs. As our nation's economy and entitlements stand now, the most I would endorse would be ending the "war" on drugs, leaving the most addictive and "hardest" drugs illegal, but completely legalizing marijuana.

In a free-market, Capitalist society, I would certainly want all drugs legal. There's no reason for the government to regulate vices, even very harmful ones, in a truly free society.

My solution? End the welfare state, then we'll talk about drugs.
It would be interesting to see the numbers on the "war" of drugs and see how much is actually spent on it. I would like to see if it even pays for itself in confiscated drugs or limiting criminal activity. There is no real way to know though, since we have already made a value judgement on drugs in America
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