Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The music of money

And yes it sounds so sweet....

The other day, I flipped on the boob tube and saw a South Park episode, where the musicians were protesting because they weren't making enough money for their music. This is during the time of Napster, ShareBear, LimeWire, WinMX, Kazaa, and all the rest of the P-to-P options for file sharing and illegal or legal downloads.

Today, I saw on NewMark's Door and article giving the music industry, some advice on how to stay afloat in the modern age of music listening. The message: Make better music!

What do you think? I know most of us college students are desensitized to this and I know I have helped support sharing files and all that good stuff. Now, I wonder what is right. Do the property rights end with the purchase? Should the distribution be covered? What is your opinion of the subject?

If CD's came with redistribution rights, they'd be too expensive for most of us.

But there must be a fuzzy line somewhere since it's legal to play music for your friends or at a party for free, but illegal to redistribute on the internet or stream online for those same friends(right?). Where is that darn line?
I'm currently using Napster - downloading at 99 cents per song is a great solution. It's made a huge difference in my music purchasing. Being able to spend just on the songs I want increases my bang-for-buck ratio. I now like 100% of the songs I purchase rather than just 40 or 50 percent of them.
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