Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The State of the Leviathan

And now for something completely different....who among us watched the State of the Union last night? Encouraged? Discouraged? Completely unaffected?

If no one else has a preferred topic, I'll suggest this one: Nuclear Power. Discuss.

I just can't watch those things. Someone else summarize and I will read it. Otherwise, I pretty much know everything he is gonna say or I will hear about it in the near future.

I think it is the same reason why I can not watch the debates.

Did he say anything about selling the state? Or shrinking the "leviathan"?

Speaking about Nuclear Power...

Now I'm getting a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.
Okay, Here's a topic: The Cold war was neither Cold nor a War. Discuss!
Here are the highlights (lowlights?):

- Lots of talk about the war on terror (very boring)
- Some free trade talk
- New bipartisan commission on fixing Social Security
- Alternative Energy (including Nuclear Power)
- HSAs
- Line item veto, war on "earmarking"
- Countries we're not fond of: Iran, N. Korea, Syria
- Countries we like: Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
- Note to Hamas: Terrorism will get you nowhere

I saw McCain talk about that one Sunday morning on one of "those" shows and thought it was quite odd. I know money is fungible, so earmarking is not considered the most effective thing for the revenue funds, but it is hardly the problem.

I suppose it could create more red tape in certain areas, but for the rest, doesn't it seem more appropriate for the government to atleast tell us where the money is being funneled into instead of a General Fund approach?

I prefer the notion that this tax money is being spent on this specific item. It seems like the problem that he was talking about was simply having more freedom to spend as they see fit and simply a desire for more money.

There's a lot more to this issue, but I am not gonna get into it, unless someone else is actually interested
I don't like it when they talk about things like Alternative Fuel, as if they actually made it and are introducing it into the market.
I'm not a fan of the way alternative fuel is usually mentioned. I'm cautiously optimistic about Nuclear energy, however.

The biggest barrier to nuclear energy in this country currently are strict regulations about its use and creation. Hopefully, W's plan will be to simply change the regulations in order to make nuclear power an option for companies that would like to pursue it.
Nuclear power tends to be discussed at the highest levels by folks who know little about it. If you'd like an insider's view, see http://RadDecision.blogspot for a techno-thriller written by a longtime nuclear engineer (me.) There's no cost to readers - who seem to like it, based on the comments at the homepage. (And if you find it useful, please pass the word.)
I didn't watch the SOTU. in 2 years it will make no difference whether i saw it. on the off chance it turns out especially important i'll watch it later.

nuclear power is super awesome. just don't build one of those remote controls that can melt down all plants at once (ala 24). see:
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