Thursday, February 23, 2006


Walter Block

Here are a couple of interesting questions that Walter Block poses to the listener at one of the Mises Institute's Lecture Series. His lecture is on the topic of Abortion and actually gives it a different approach that other Austrians have taken. He happens to take a bit more pro-life approach, but there are definitely some new ideas I have never heard before.

His lecture can be found here.

Here are the questions:

If someone leaves trash on your front door steps, should you be expected to clean it up? Under the libertarian approach what are you expected to do? What if someone puts a baby on your front door step?

Also, if you see someone drowning, under the libertarian ethic, are you expected to assist them? What if you swim out to them and then change your mind?

I like what Block does here and I find his approach using an 'implicit contract' with the people on the shore interesting.

--Also check out his interview on Wal-Mart and Banking--

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