Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Blogger's Block

I guess I have a bit of a blogger's block going on today. I am printing off some papers on two topics I find very interesting -- smoking and transportation.

This morning I have been checking out a website that has kept up with the smoking bans all over the country by type, location, and whether the legislation is state-wide, municipality, or county-wide. The group is called Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

My search for papers started with Travis' comments yesterday that had a link to Wikipedia, where I got the citation for George Akerlof's paper titled The Market for "Lemons". If you couldn't tell by the title alone, it is the formal introduction of asymetric information into modern economics. He won the Nobel Prize for this 14 page paper.

I also found this interesing article titled The Ethics of Smoking by Robert Goodin. Although I do not agree with his initial premise (encouraged use of legislation), I think it will be a good read nonetheless. I still have a ways to go, since it is 52 pages. For those interested, it was in Ethics, Vol. 99, No.3 (Apr., 1989) on can be found on JSTOR.

Does anyone have any good papers to recommend? Reading anything interesting? New topics of interest?

Ever wanna know where the phrase "close, but no cigar" came from ?

Yeah...I didn't think so, but here it is anyway.
Do you smoke? Or just find smoking interesting?
No, I don't smoke. I have never had a cigarette and occassionally pick up a cigar. That's about it.

I just find it interesting, since that is one segment of the population that we so joyously disciminate against, simply for their choice to smoke.

I mean we don't do that sort of thing against other groups of people that also choose to partake in risky behavior.

Many times smokers are the political scapegoats.
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