Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Capitalism. Always.

I love the internet. Where else can you get Capitalism and CCCP shirts? I'm buying this one now:

Would it be over-the-top to wear it while I teach?
It's a possibility.
Actually, you might get stoned (the bad kind) if you were walking through UNC wearing that.
Yeah you should just get stoned (the good kind) and wear it around town.
Capital idea...
I'm still searching for the perfect bumpersticker. As soon as I get a new car (impending), I need just one sticker to make a statement. Any suggestions?
Bumper sticker search:

Here and Here.
Also this one specifically: Work Harder.

The same could be said for Social Security
I have a couple that I don't mind sharing:

Scarcity Is A Bitch


Your girlfriend likes it bloggy-style

That last one is even a little geeky for me.
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