Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Fat Tax Fallacy

The new idea is to influence the behavior of children and parents away from "junk food". We need to do it for the children!! We must save our children!!

More here.

Interestingly enough, the state of North Carolina already has partaken in this fat tax revolution. We already have a candy and soda tax, and to my knowledge they are working on making junk food exempt from the food tax.

Here it is Canadian style. (yeah, I dunno if our neighbors to the north actually have a style or not)

This is just further proof that the left doesn't really care about poor people.

This tax, just like the cigarette tax and the lottery, will fall disporportinately on the poor. It's been proven many times over that less wealthy people spend more of their money on corndogs and ho-hos than more affluent types.

What's next, tax credits for Splenda? So the government can subsidize the elitist liberal coffee-house lifestyle?
Here's today's daily article on Soda and Sin Tax.
The soda ban in California. More here at CCF.
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