Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Give polygamy a chance

With the introduction of the new HBO series “Big Love”, there is more talk on the notion of polygamous relationships and whether or not they should remain illegal. I think they may very well have a point. Why should the law arbitrarily limit marriage to one man and one woman? Although it may be immoral, it is not criminal. Remember – Vices are Not Crimes.

Here is some commentary on the subject: Here and Here.

Watch the trailer: here

And Tucker Carlson claims that polygamy will become legal!!

So how do marital contracts change? If a current marriage is a contract between two people, what stops the expansion of current law to accommodate multiple individual contracts? And although it complicates the agreement, what is the reasoning for maintaining that contracts are allowed to exist only between two individuals?

Here is CBS News and NY Magazine on "Big Love".

If polygamy did become legal, you can bet that I'd amend my current marriage contract so that we both had to be married "exclusively" to each other.

That said, contract law seems to be the perfect approach to the marriage topic.

Of course, churches, etc., should always be allowed to refuse to marry a couple on any religious basis. (I know for a fact that the Presbyterian minister who married Andy and me would choose NOT to perform polygamous marriage ceremonies.)
I agree with you Jenna. I also think there should be a seperation of the legally defined union and the religiously defined marriage.
I agree, too! Matter of fact, I don't think anybody ought to get married unless they have a religious reason for doing so. I'm just not sure that civil law marriges are fair contracts to both parties. Common law marriges, now... maybe. Of couse anyone can enter a contract voluntarily, the question is, what would be the reason?

Oh, polygamous marriges. Anyone ever see Paint Your Wagon? It's an old musical where two gold rushers share a wife. Clint Eastwood sings in it!
Them and their polygamist problems.
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