Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Government and Libertarianism

I was reading this interesting headline this morning "Sicily Mafia watches and waits for Italy to vote" and then checked out the article. Apparently the Sicilians aren't as "active" as the used to be -- much more passive in today's political game. Here's the story.

So this got me thinking. In a world without government, would we simply see regional monopolies of power like the classic mob or mafia? Would organized gangs creep up and run the show like government did? It is an interesting thought and one that those advocating the abolishment of government need to work out. Are all concentrations of power, potentially coercive?

Also, Consequentialism Redux. Part 1 and Part 2. Join in the discussion or comment here. Is a Libertarian consequentialist more appropriate or is the rights approach better, both philosophically and practically speaking?

It seems pretty likley to me. So long as some people are stronger than other we will find coercision.

As a practical mater, the anarchist utopia ideal is out of reach.
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