Monday, March 20, 2006


Hans-Hermann Hoppe

I was listening to a lecture by Hans-Hermann Hoppe titled "Protection and the Market for Security". I think he does a good job of ripping apart the Hobbesian myth of a necessary state and the need for coercion of one individual over another for "order". Since all the state is, is an individual like you and me, he necessarily falls victim to the same conflicts, vices, and incentives as do all the rest of us (same assumptions of desiring more rather than less, self interests, and preferences).

Comical and interesting point that he makes:

The state will do its best to maintain order (to a certain extent). He will not let A rob B or B rob A, for this after all will diminish what he will be able to rob from both A and B.

You can get the lecture from (direct link here) and listen to it when you have a chance. I think you will enjoy his accent if nothing else.

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