Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Re-Education and Stuff

I guess we don't have to worry about re-education -- just start the brainwashing earlier. We should all look forward to pre-kindergarten classes for all children everywhere. We need to have more faith in public education(and of course funds).

And of course Rob Reiner is still a meathead after all these years. Here's the plot.More news on the subject.


We need to continue to question the efficacy of State Clean Air Acts and the Kyoto Protocol... Here's the case in California.
More at the Guardian.

What is interesting is that this study is based on 1999 numbers. So much for accuracy in advocating pollution controls....
Some news on the subject.


Here are two interesting articles from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank's Quarterly Review.

A Wal-Mart Interview and the topic of Eminent Domain and losses in prosperity.

Other Topics of the Day:

14 blades by 2100 - Newmark's Door.
Drugs mmmkay...
Gore in 08
I wonder how large the demand for pre-k actually is.

The latest stats I've seen say that 52% of American 4-yr-olds are already attending some sort of preschool.

Several questions:
First, of the remaining kids, how many are at home and how many are in day care?

If pre-k is universal, parents who currently put their kids in day-care rather than pre-school will have a huge incentive to take advantage of what ammounts to new state-sponsored free! daycare.

Also, I wonder how long it will be before pre-k is mandatory. (Is kindergarten mandatory, by the way?)
It is my understanding that kindergarten is mandatory in a lot of states. That is a fairly new entitlement that was made universal soon after it was instituted.

You make an excellent point -- everything that comes along that is "good" for the children, will become universal and then mandatory. Just like the rest of public ed.
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