Friday, March 10, 2006



The Minimum wage...The John Edwards phenomenon is up and at it again, trying to rid the world of poverty! Too bad we don't live in Michigan, cause then there would be no poverty.

Topics of Science and how state subsidies and alarmism hasn't gotten us anywhere.

Good smoke -- the positive externalities and benefits of tobacco.

Blind kids mandated to take driver's ed? What? This must be the public school system.

Since we've figured out we can make people worth more just by passing a law, why stop at $7.25?

If all we have to do is raise the minimum wage, why not go all out? I'd like to earn something like $200 an hour.

Help your fellow man... just pull together and vote us all rich!! Yes! Yes! Socialist rhetoric is a spring of prosperity!!
Some interesting artwork via JLF.
Another interesting thing:

An annotated bibliograpy of Anarcho-capitalism by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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