Thursday, April 20, 2006


At work

While at work today, I was listening to some folks from the Census Bureau (both central and regional offices) and they were speaking about the changes in the formal census -- from a once every ten years to a random sample selection of about 1:8 households in five year cycles. By the way, this doesn't replace the decennial, it simply replaces the "long form" from the decennial.

Anyways, Upon further though, I realized that I am not really a fan of any attempts by the government to limit and record the mobility and movement of individual citizens. Essentially, if I am not doing anything wrong, why are you keepin tabs on me?

So... I was thinking that it is rather inappropriate for the government to physically mandate individuals to fill out this form of personal information by means of a Census count. It is not like some simple form either. It is sixty questions long and covers a wide variety of topics that most people would not voluntarily pass over, if it weren't for governmental coercion. FYI, fines range from $100-$5,000 depending on the descretion of the DOJ.

What do you all think? Interestingly enough, I feel the same way about identification mandates, limits to mobility and travel (like closed borders), and anything else that makes me pass along information I would not otherwise give.

Is that a matter of privacy and personal property, or am I just being paranoid?

Every empire wants to know how many bodies it can use. Every empire also loves babies.
Empires are run by powerholders addicted to power and convinced that they are more important than other people. Demi-gods.
They look upon constituents as worshipers and treat favorably those that appease them.

Monotheistic governments were strictly forbidden from taking censuses.

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