Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Miracle Update

I was watching South Park Episode 504 the other day about the Magician David Blaine and his cult followers (who always happen to look like Mormons). The episode also centered around Jesus and the Super Best Friends and their "super powers". Now SouthPark has never been friendly to religions in general and they continue to push that button time and again.

Anywho..the above episode came to mind, when I saw this headline this morning: Jesus walks on ice.

It then got me wondering when a religious group will denouce the potential findings by this Professor of Oceanography. Is it a really a conspiracy against modern Christianity and Western tradition, or simply a way to sell papers? I am thinking the latter, although I have simpathy for the former.

Besides that, no matter what potentially damaging hypothesis is furthered by the media and academics, we have to remember that it doesn't matter.

If walking on water or any of the other "miracles" are the only basis for belief in Christianity or a higher power, then a reexamination of faith should take place.

Taking away or challenging a miracle does not take away the person or what they stood for or the millions of followers that believe in Him.

The article is ridiculous...south park could totally make fun of Dr. Nof.

my favorite south park episode by far is the one where mormonism is explained...dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com
That is a good episode.
A link on the same topic: here
Perhaps the timing of a thing is the miracle. If Jesus walked on ice... how did there happen to be ice on the sea of Galilee just at the time his disciples were on a boat in a storm. Not to mention, was Peter walking on ice, too?
Nice to see you on again Nathan. It's been a while.

I suppose timing could be important as well. I am not sure if it really matters though. For me it takes nothing away, just like when I watch SP and they make fun of religions.
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