Thursday, April 13, 2006



Does Zacarias Moussaoui deserve the death penalty?
Why? Is a death sentence justified?

His alternative (which seems unlikely), as an expert on prison policy and management testified, is that "he would spend the rest of his life in the highest-security federal prison facilities after he is sentenced".

Perhaps it would be cheaper to have a life sentence rather than a capital punishment.


Let him loose. See how long he lasts. Drop him down in rural America somewhere with a big sign around his neck stating his crime.
The reason we have a justice system is so that there is an alternative to revenge that includes less violence.
But what did Moussaoui actually do that was wrong?
Anyone ever seen The Accused? The one where Jodie Foster got raped? The court found the guys who stood by and watched it happen accountable for what happened.
(Perhaps if a certain group of athletes saw this movie and behaved in consideration of these consequences instead of like the kid in Scent of a Woman - where solidarity was posed as the highest good... and while I'm on the subject, wasn't the guy Charlotte Simmons lost her virginity to beat up by a lacrosse player? Does no one read anymore? Sorry...)
It seems there must be an ambient level of responsibility throughout a community - a sort of shared homesteading of liability. Anyone who knows of a crime being committed and says nothing is partially liable to the victims for the crime.

What makes encroachment bad? It violates the image of God in the victim.
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