Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Transformation Is Complete...

The Democrats have finally become modern-day Eisenhower Republicans. Now they're party of balanced budgets and limited government. And N&O columnist Rick Martinez is leaving the GOP to join the party.

Before the day is done, I'll make my way down to the Orange County Board of Elections and become an unaffiliated voter. That will bring to a close my 34 years as a Republican. Like Ronald Reagan when he left the Democratic Party, I'm not abandoning the Republican ideals of self-reliance, fiscal responsibility and limited government. It's the party has abandoned those principles and waved goodbye to me.

I'm a political pragmatist. I rarely believe what politicians say. I pay attention to what they do. Like many Americans, I vote my pocketbook. Politicians mainly do one thing well: spending our tax money. When candidates detail all the good things they're going to do, they're really describing how much they're going to cost.

When it comes to being a fiscal burden to the American taxpayer, there is no greater drain than Republicans.

Has the party of the Third Way lost its way?


I was thinking about doing the same thing. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
I left before the last election, to vote for the Constitutional party:

They are not perfect, just the best option. And please, no lectures on throwing away my vote.

Your vote didn't matter anyway. For more on that, read "John Hood's" Daily Column on Friday - I'm doing a guest appearance.

I, too, am wasting my vote. I vote Libertarian.
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