Friday, May 12, 2006


Auction Hiatus

So after about a four year hiatus I am now back and active on
For some reason it caught my attention again. I don’t remember what got me up and active after such a long break, but I do know why I keep coming back.

I have gotten some really good deals and continue to. It’s cool to be able to get some good stuff cheaper than anywhere else I know. Ebay is where I have bought some of my South Park Seasons (I now have 1-7). I just bought my latest one for about 12 dollars cheaper than amazon (and 22 cheaper than and that's with shipping and handling included.

Does anybody else have any recommended sites for browsing or shopping? Any good deals to note? OR good places to shop?

Have a good weekend everybody!!

Craig's List has been a great site for me. I check it every day.
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