Monday, May 01, 2006


The Boys are Back

The Black Panthers were in town today, marching on Dukes campus to deal with the Duke Rapists in their own way.

It was their desire is to "deal directly" with the lacrosse players.

This is really getting insane. It's really sad that we aren't worrying about upholding the law, any more, but instead only wanting to make an example. Those Dukies, no matter how diversified, need to remember about their white and male priviledges, even if they did nothing wrong (innocent till proven guilty).

Since these guys are most well known for their violence and carrying weapons, this was going to be interesting. Here's the story.

Then the Klansfolk were gonna arrive. Want some information on the lacrosse team's conduct? Here you go.

More and More....

Imagine how much better this situation would be if EVERYONE on campus was armed. The Black Panters wouldn't even be a problem.

I'm sure everyone would act exactly the way game theory predicted the Soviets and U.S. would act in the cold war. Rationally declining to draw their weapons, knowing it would most likley respond in retaliation and their own demise.

Yep. Emotions would never run high or out of control. Yep. An NRA fear-induced-violence-free utopia.
Do you agree with the position, that if everyone had guns then there would be less crime (or atleast violent crime)?
Why don't civilians like to carry guns? Is it out of belief that the government will protect them?
It has never been the case.
We must distinguish between law and government. Civilians DO believe that the LAW will protect them. But when the law is corrupted, civilians are unsafe.

Glad the panthers are in town, its a harmless way for the poverty pimps to blow some cash. Better than using it to get one of their own re-elected.
BTW Thanks to Ken Hamblin for the "Poverty pimps" term.
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