Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Climate Science

The Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis has just put out a new study on Global Warming.

Although I have not read it yet, it appears to be in some conflict with Mr. Gore's vision. Who would have thought, right?

Anyways, here is the study.

Here is the WSJ article on the subject.

Well, the entire point of the NCPA is to come up with private sector alternatives to government regulation and taxation. And this one track agenda has lead them in wacky directions in the past (for example, repeating the notion that Reagan's tax cut didn't cause the budget deficit).

So I'm not sure trading an ex-politican for an interest group would yield the best results.

Of course, I can't say who I trust on the issue. So I guess we're in the same boat. :) Looking for some good answers from good people.
Hey, ya'll. N Snow in the N&O today.
I'll get back into the discussion soon.
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