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Why do Americans put so much value in "diversity", when it is really only diversity of the color of skin that matters to them? Or even sexual orientation?

The individuals that place so much value in diversity, do not value diversity of ideas, opinions, and thoughts. It is the intolerant tolerance or the illiberal liberal of which I speak.

I do not really understand it. It is like in Season Six of Southpark, episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", which parodies the obsessively over-tolerance of everything. In fact, the Tolerance Camp Furher, expicitly stated that they were "not tolerant to intolerance" there. By the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison sets everybody straight (nice pun, huh), while accepting a medal at the Tolerance Museum. He says that, tolerance does not mean acceptance. You tolerate it but that doesn't mean you accept it. At the end, they throw him in the camp for not being tolerant of himself.

The reality is that these individual desire for you to accept everyone and everything as "normal" and that if you do not accept them, then you are in some way intolerant. But why should anyone's acceptance matter? Why am I or anyone else being coerced into tolerance, and even more so, acceptance?

Why should I have to be "tolerant" to anything or anyone? Are they (or society) somehow 'hurt' by my intolerance? Is the invisible society hurt by biggots, racists, or even simply intolerant people?

Also, why is there this movement in sensitivity training, state-coerced diversity training, mandated social justice initiatives and equality/equity brainwashing.

This actually reminds me of my similar issue with hate crime legislation:

In the laws eyes, some of us are just more equal than others....

Are you really coerced into being tolerant? I personally have never had to go to a tolereance training secession and I've certainly never heard of one in school.

In school I did have to go to a sexual harrassment thing. But that really wasn't about tolereance. It was more about keeping your hands to yourself and not calling girls sluts to their faces.

Have you actually had to go to a State mandated diversity appreciation secession (outside of grades k-12)? If so, was it something all state citizens had to attend or only state employees (since you work for the state that seems to make a difference)???
As far as employment is concerned, we have had a lot of paperwork to sign about diversity, AIDs in the workplace, and sensitivity "training". (mostly just stuff to read)

I do know however that a new approach that many private companies, in fear of civil rights lawsuits, have forced these sorts of training regimens on their employees, even if no wrong has been done.

If you have no choice in the matter, is it not coerced? Yes they could always work somewhere else, but that doesn't mean that they won't be blackballed as intolerant or limited by choice of employment.

I dunno what the k-12 are doing these days. I know that when I was in school , we had numerous days to "celebrate" diversity and all that stuff -- we had no choice. Tolerance was forced upon us and I think that is the current PC approach.
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