Sunday, May 14, 2006


Following Instructions Can Get You Killed...

Or save your life.

It all depends and it's really hard to say. Just ask Slate's Michael Kinsley. His article on the reaction of United Flight 93 passengers brings up a lot of interesting questions about human nature and how we define heroism.

It's just like when wearing your seatbelt does more damage than good. "That person might of lived if they'd only not been wearing their seatbelt."

The ultimate problem with prohibition and mandates -- they don't work for everybody all the time. Is it appropriate to call that governmental failure?

Actually that would lead into a good discussion...Governmental failure, that is.
The government wants a monopoly on authority, use of force, and decision making. We generally want to concentrate these powers in the hands of a few trustworthy officials as well, especially when they have a comparative advantage in cost of aquiring knowledge. But we must learn to recognize when we have an advantage in terms of knowledge, and we must develop the virtue of responsibility for ourselves and the "least of these". This kind of integrity lies behind the courage of the "Let's Roll" team.
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