Thursday, May 25, 2006


The Lottery Addiction

There is a new story on the 48 states on how they are "raking in gambling proceeds"

It's sad really. I don't think that gambling was ever intended to be provided by the state. The state enjoys giving itself the right to provide this service while excluding all others. An old paper, about the topic, fits the discussion nicely: Advocating a Social Ill for the Social Good.

Even our good Friend Mr. Snow, had something to say on the subject.

For some history of lotteries, I would recommend reading some of Cook and Clotfelter. Here is some history, and a nice update with more economics. If you would like my paper on the subject, shoot me an email.

Also, check out this Chicago Tribune article. They should have never had the monopoly in the first place, now they want to sell or leases it?!?!?

Lottery "rocked by scandal". Who would have thought?

Indeed. There are much better ways for the state to raise revenue than hypocritically holding a monopoly on the running-numbers racket.

I don't see how one could support a state gambling monopoly. It doesn't promote freedom, it doesn't promote "social welfare" (in the utilitarian sense), so what exactly does it do? Aside from give politicans more money to spend without raising taxes?
Add this to it:

Online gambling might be ousted
Oh and one more for NC specifically. This is nice, withholding taxes on their own monopoly. Very nice...
Like the first contrail I saw after 911, like the first bud of spring. Something unexpected, yet a sign of things to come. I saw it today on the sidewalk, and bent over to examine. I had never seen one in North Carolina, but I was sure I would see many in the future, and not just in the spring. Something holding so much promise to its owner, but discarded after only one use if it disappoints. Possibly worth a fortune, more likely worth nothing.
I saw a used lottery ticket on the ground, and it caused me to contemplate.

thx for the link.
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