Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My phone bill

Every month I get a phone bill on a phone that I rarely use. In fact the only reason I keep it going is to have something in case there are problems with the cell phone. I also like having that extra phone number.

Anyways, with that phone bill, I get charged a 99 cent "paper phone bill charge" for them to send me my bill in the mail. It doesn't exactly get me excited to know that on top of the 20-some-odd dollars of taxes and fees, that they throw this extra dollar on top. Beyond this, they send advertisements in the mailing.

So...I am being charged 99 cents for them to advertise to me. Actually, sitting down and thinking about that gets me a little perturbed to say the least.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled political blog. That is all.

Having that land line is really worth that much to you? In my experience (and I have Verizon), I've never needed a land line. Andy and I both have cell phones, and that works in every instance.

Also, why not cancel the paper bills and get eBills instead? Then, you could at least save the $1.
Yeah, I guess I am a bit old school in preferring to send a check in the mail. I have no issues with paying for stuff on the internet, I just like to have it there in front of me -- go figure...
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