Thursday, May 11, 2006


News and Junk

Some goings on...

Good article about oil profiteering. Who's making the most money? (Courtesy of the Door.)

Anti-Smoking Pill. Luckily the FDA has given us permission to use it, but this won't likely ease the game of 'Mother May I?' More here. Check out the other new drug on the market. It is amazing what they can come up with these day!!! Here.

Hope you haven't been on the phone lately. Not soo much good news. Here's more.

Women and men. Where do you get your information? Some new info on paternal instinct.

Bird flue unfounded? What? Who would have thought that?!?!? Here.

Interesting how "government attributes its success"es. Or rather it takes the credit for what nature does well. Just so long as government gets to "do" something.
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