Monday, May 22, 2006


Reading Stossel

I was just reading chapter six of John Stossel's new book, and I can across his consumer advocacy section, which he seems to enjoy the most (at least so far).

Interesting facts include:

The pet food industry is over fourteen billion dollars, greater than the gross domestic product of over ninety four countries!

The average funeral runs about 6,500 and apparently all funeral homes are required to give a price list upon request.

Generic (vs. name brand) foods taste tests generally lead to similar rankings, or at least higher than expected rankings for the generic brand. In fact governmental rankings on grades of foods, when re-graded scored high for the generic than the name brand.

There is basically no difference between bottled water and tap water.

Internet purchases were related to less than 12 percent of all the known causes of identity theft. It appears there is actually greater risk in handing your credit card off to your waiter at your favorite restaurant.

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