Tuesday, May 09, 2006


What a bunch of...

Look at this! Then read this!

Yeah, what a load of....

Ok, I'm going to say what everyone's thinking: if you can't pay for a country, then you can't be a country.

I think what irritates me the most is the attitude that it is the responsibility of foreign nations to ease Palestinian suffering.

What rubbish!
It is not the responsibility of foreighn nations to ears suffering. But neither is it the responsiblity of domestic governments, read "Not Yours To Give" by Davy Crockett.
Whose responsiblity is it to care about the suffering?
I believe it was Bertrand Russell who wrote an essay asking "What's Wrong With the World?" to which G.K. Chesterton replied, "In response to your essay 'WWWTW', I am. Yours truely, GKC"
It is my responsiblitiy and yours. Any situation in which we perceive there to be an injustice is none of our business until we volunteer to "homestead" that injustice in order to make it right.
What baffles me is how many people assume that the government will do all the homesteading for them, but then complain that they don't have any property rights. This frustrates me particularly with professing Christians who maintain a statist worldview when it comes to public policy. Throw in the whole "Palestinians are evil because the Jews are God's chosen ones, Isaac - Ishmael thing and boys howdy have you got a mess.
From the first article:
"Western and Arab donors (individuals, not governments) should realise that the Palestinian people are suffering hardships (due to oppressive government) and the international community which believes in liberty, justice and human rights (and large centralized governments) should not be prepared to accept such a situation," he said, quoted by AFP news agency.

"We have formulated propositions so that aid can reach the Palestinian people ...(The new money will go to the poor, so we can spend our own money on maintaining our hold on power) to allow us to confront the needs of everyday life".

The US officials said on Tuesday that some $4m of special medical aid would be delivered to NGO clinics as early as Wednesday. (Because we believe in big government, too.)

The remaining $6m will be delivered through Unicef to those with urgent needs.
(Because some of the people in the agencies giving money to unicef hope to get a job with them when they leave office.)
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