Sunday, June 18, 2006


For My John Locke Pals

I thought you might enjoy this.
Guess who was featured in the Independent's "Best of the Triangle" Issue?

Most Infuriating Blog for a Roundup of State News that Matters

Art Pope and his millions have done a lot of brazen things in recent years--from trying to influence curriculum at UNC to contributing more than $700,000 to the state Republican Party (enough to have its headquarters named after him) to spearheading the defeat of renegade Republican co-speaker of the House Richard Morgan. But one of his better projects has been the Carolina Journal and the Carolina Journal online. While its leanings are right-wing and libertarian, and it's a cousin to the arch-conservative John Locke Foundation, the money has paid for a solid Web site with a good roundup of state news, links to the Carolina Journal itself (which has broken a number of big stories, including recently raising questions about Gov. Mike Easley's relationship with winners of a contract to run the marina in Southport). Its opinion columns are religiously conservative and free market (against eminent domain, against toll roads, against taxes) and often led by the Rev. (not really, but he's a talking-points evangelist) John Hood, but it's a must-read in the capital--and it's always good to know what the other side is up to.

Does anyone care that the Locke Foundation is largely supported by non-millionaire individuals who make small donations?

Nevermind--I'm glad to see that someone recognizes how good the CJ staffers are. They do good work.

Great find, Student!
We're against toll roads? That's news to me.
Yes I was unaware of the toll road thing too.
I don't think we're really against toll roads. I think that's complete fabication. Toll roads are user fees - much better than taxes. There's no logical reason we'd be against them.
I'd be in favor of a toll road privately operated and owned. If just one were allowed however, I'm sure the success of it would cause more such roads to be built. Eventually the state would have to get out of the road building business. I bet toll road owners would even build some smaller side streets and developments to encourage the use of their roads.
Has anyone ever thought about this in depth?
It is a fabrication. They have encouraged the use of toll lanes and roads.

There are still problems with publicly provided toll roads, since the money collected does not actually go to the roads and because it isn't as an efficient pricing mechanism as it is in the private sector.

Private roads would be better -- too bad we aren't likely to get them any time soon
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