Friday, June 02, 2006


God Save the Beaches

A little bit of beach worrying. Check out the story here.

I think this was the most important line in the story, '"For every dollar invested in beach nourishment, you get another three to four dollars back," Ordal said.'
Now, if only the costs of beach replenishment were isolated to those that used them, we would have a fair deal. The solution: Privatize the beaches. If there is deemed to be some greater social good enjoyed by all citizens, then the value of this good could be taxed.
I am still dubious of global warming, etc. It seems to be a superstitious scapegoat for every natural phenomenon. Reminds me of blaming the business cycle on sunspots. (cf. W. Stanley Jevons)
The endeavor is profitable for the municipalities, so they will continue to do it. The actions of environmentalists to try to stop it are misinformed, believing that the world is better off when it is not managed. See my previous posts about the secret garden, which I got to busy to follow through with.
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