Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Well I am getting back to the daily grind of work again and it is quite difficult getting used to sitting in front of a computer all day and working. After having off so much time, getting used to things has been a fair challenge thus far.

I greatly enjoyed the vacation and here are a few things I noticed along my travels:

Toll roads are more prevalent in the NorthEast, however it appears they do not use that revenue for maintaining roadways (strictly an opinion, but from a good size sample of driving 2400 miles in a week).

Speed limits are lower (except perhaps I-95).

There is a strong prevalence of authority. There were a great deal more policing units with increased visibility.

Gas-pump attendants are a unique form of protectionism.

Gas prices fluctuate significantly across state lines (low of 2.51 in Maine and high of 3.36 in Connecticut).

Anybody want to add something from their travels in the NorthEast or in any part of the country?

I didn't think they would all be transportation related, but I guess they are... The food was good too and if they don't get you with one tax, they will get you with another (NH with no sales tax has very high property tax)
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