Thursday, July 27, 2006


Best Western

And I'm not talking about hotels.

This worked pretty well earlier, so I figured we could continue it.

What are your favorite western movies? Whether it is the old west (Tombstone) or the new western tarantino-type films...

Additionally, there are a lot of western/mexican movies too -- like Desperado and Once Upon a time in Mexico.

My two favorites are: Blazzing Saddles and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I like Eastwood flicks.
1) Unforgiven
2) High Noon
3) Dances with Wolves
4) The Good the Bad and the Ugly
5) Young Guns

I never been much of a John Wayne fan. Rooster Cogburn was alright. The Searchers was good, too.

It's amazing how much political/cultural subtext you can fit into a western (and war movies too). Watch any of these 5 and tell me they don't say different things about the way a man should live and die.

Except Young Guns. It wasn't exactly the deepest movie ever. BUT FUCK DAMN IT WAS FUN!!!!111
Tombstone is my favorite, but I really think it's just because I have a thing for Val Kilmer as the gun-slinging tuberculosis patient, Doc Holliday. (Very weird, I know.)

Favorite lines:
"I'm your huckleberry."
"In vino veritas."
I like all the Eastwoods. Ever see Paint Your Wagon? He sings!
Also The Man From Snowy River. I married a Jessica. Ever read the poem?
Does Serenity count? It wasn't THAT good.
Also, movies about Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County (NM) wars, 'cause I've been there.
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