Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The bombs bursting in air...

Are fireworks a public good?

If not, why do they appear to be treated as such?

Just an observation from the holiday season....

It seems to be non-rival and non-excludable in consumption...

I dunno but DC's fireworks were pretty sweet. It was cool to have the Washington Monument there to frame the fireworks show, and all the booms echoed off of the big stone buildings lining the street where I was standing.

Almost made me patriotic again... almost.
Also, adding one more person to the audience at a fireworks show costs nothing.

Therefore, fireworks meet all the conditions of a public good.

However, private companies provide fireworks displays all the time. Disney, for example, has one every night. I don't think there would be any lack of fireworks if government got out of the business.
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