Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Break Up the Everyday Low Prices?

Check out the Mises article... Woes for WalMart.

I still don't understand some people's distaste for Walmart. I guess if you don't like their stuff that's one thing, but I can't see how people think it hurts the poor or it's bad for the economy or whatever.

Oddly enough i've even met ECONOMISTS that say Walmart is bad for the poor. Go figure.

I figure it's something similar to knee-jerk reaction Libertarians have toward government authority. Anti-walmart, anti-state, it’s all about fear of the powerful and concern for the little guy (usually).
I met some economists at work who hate and boycott Wal-Mart. But as far as I know, they aren't asking for a law that would break up Wal-Mart.

That's really one of the dumbest ideas I've come across lately.
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