Monday, July 24, 2006


For Nathan


But what makes paganism 'bad'?
I think most Judeo-Christians would argue that it either is bad because it violates God's first commandment. That or maybe that it isn't bad (immoral) just false.
I saw this in the paper the other day and started feeling smug.
Recipie for smug:
1 part Rush Limbaugh
2 parts Barbra Streisand
nod to Steve Taylor and the rest who want to be Clones.

To those belonging to the Jewish sect called Christianity there is God, and he is good. This much is a given.

If this language is objectionable, we can say that there is a Natural Law, and this is good.

Paganism, or Arbitrary Law, is bad because it denies or rebells against God, or Natural Law.

What should we do with the pagans? Let them do what they want, but give the innocent means to protect themselves.

cf. the book of Esther (right before Job) Go ahead and read it. It's full of sex and espionage, and God is barely even mentioned. And it's short. Oh yeah, it is also the basis for Purim, which is like Haloween.

Anybody up for a game of Catan?
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