Monday, July 10, 2006


So I'm thinking

Is crime an inferior good? Except for white-collar crimes, this might be true.

What about drug use? For some drugs perhaps...

Are common staples like food, water, gasoline considered Giffen goods during a natural disaster?

I can buy that (some) drugs are inferior goods. Crack, for example.

I'm not sure I follow you on the crime thing. Is crime really a "good"? It's not like people demand crime. They demand the things they can get via committing crimes.
Crack is pretty much the one I was thinking about. Just like mainstream beer and malt liquor are inferior to import beers and wine, I wonder if cigarettes and marijuana are inferior to ecstasy(exstacy) and lsd or any other "stylish" drug.

I guess I was just thinking about the participation in criminal activities. Perhaps simply illegal goods is a better statement.
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