Tuesday, July 04, 2006


What's so great about America?

At a time when the ratings of the popularity polls of the United States are at an all-time low in many countries, it prompts me to ask:

Why should we care if people like the United States?

What's so great about the United States that they should adore this country at all times? Democracy? Apple pie and baseball? The endless appeals system? Or is it our commitment to counter terrorism and provide world-wide freedom by force?

Just like a friend of mine in graduate school that was so sincerely concerned about opinion polls in other countries, Mo Rocca was on Charles Osgood's sunday morning CBS show prompting all Americans to watch the World Cup, because that's what the world cares about. So why not care a little more and sit in front of the television a few more hours this week. Take one for the old world team...

But, really. I never understood why we should care. Why does it matter?

On this Fourth of July we should all remember the United States of America, whether its for the good or the bad. So, why should the world care and why should we care how the world feels?

Which graduate school friend was this? Sounds like Max.
It was Josh actually, but I think Max also held this opinion.
Dude why isn't Josh on this blog? He would have some nice dissenting opinion for us.

You should invite Max, too.
I sent them both an email about the blog. We will see if they join in on the fun. Tell others about it, if you want them to comment
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