Tuesday, August 08, 2006



Check out this WSJ opinion piece. Apparently, "the far right does not have a monopoly on bigotry and hatred and sanctimony."

It is interesting from the Left perspective.

Where's the link, dude?
Sorry. It's up now.
This makes the second time I've seen blog commentors used to represent the "left wing" view point. COMMENTORS mind you. Not actual bloggers with names. For all we know, Lanny Davis could have made the comments himself.

I mean seriously. Why is Davis JUST NOW realizing people say stupid shit on the intarweb? And what makes him think THIS handful of blog commentators represents "the left".

Okay. Davis is "liberal" himself. But he's also a liberal campaigning for Lieberman (the candidate being attacked) and pushing a book on the de-evolution of politics. He really has nothing to gain from this article does he?

PS* Does it matter that the second article I saw this type of "evidence" being presented was published in the American Spectator?
Being picky aren't we?
Just a little. :P
It's been kinda quiet today...

I guess it is that liberal mainstream media that is to blame.
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