Monday, August 07, 2006

Mike Munger has unveiled his official campaign website at, along with new bumper stickers.

Check out the site and sign the petition to get a libertarian on the ballot!

I always wondered what a Libertarian platform would look like if the candidate were trying to be taken seriously.

"I would favor decriminalizing most drug possession, and most other victimless crimes including prostitution."

It's a shame I can't vote in NC anymore because I would still vote for him if I could, but this is crazy. Being for legalizing drug possession and prostitution puts him into the weirdo category (like I get put into when I say it). I wonder if this one thing will keep him out of the debate.

In other respects, he's not libertarian enough. Like on education, for example. More funding? Is he serious? I hope this is just a concession designed to keep him in the debate.
You might have missed the recent news on Instant Runoff Voting pilot program (recently passed in NC), but I think it'll help him in the race.

It means that libertarians can vote for him with impunity because they can also mark their 2nd favorite candidate on the ballot. No more "wasting your vote" argument. Hopefully that'll help.
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