Friday, August 11, 2006


New Economist Shirts

The folks over the Mises Institute have come out with a new batch of economist/philosopher t-shirts. On the one hand, I don't like them because I think they reduce complex economic ideas to simple slogans that show-case ideological leanings. On the other hand, these are just so damn cool!! I have already ordered the Say shirt and I am considering the Bastiat.

Of course, there's a few shirts I'd also like to see.
Here's a few suggestions with captions:
Ronald Coase: "Transactions Costs" or "Markets Ain't Perfect"
Herbert Simon: "Bounded Rationality" or "People are complicated"
Joseph Stiglitz: "Assymetrical Information"
Marx: "Che Ain't All That!"

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Like Disreali from Family Guy,

Adam Smith: "You don't even know who I am"
Haha! Indeed, I love it.
These are sweet! Excuse my girliness for a minute, but thank God, they're decent colors this time!

That said, I really like the Bastiat one. I think I'd like them to change the slogan on the Hazlitt T-Shirt to: "Beware Unintended Consequences."
I just requested the set for my birthday. It will look extra sweet next to the Austrian Economist set I got for graduation.

Wow I'm a geek.

David Ricardo: "What Exploitation?" or "Comparative Advantage" for the un-initiated. Seriously, is that whole labor theory of value thing preventing from praising his huge contribution to both economics and liberty? Or was he not an old liberal?
I saw several of these shirts at FEE last week. (Guillermo was there, we had a great time together.) A handfull of students had been at the Von Mises Institute the week before and were sporting the T's.
My favorite is the Rothbard.

BTW, Chris, you told me a long time ago to read Man, Economy, and State. I'm happy to announce that my copy is on its way, along with the study guide. Anybody interested in a reading group?
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