Wednesday, August 09, 2006


School Days

Wake county has just "tapped" 23 schools to go year-round. As the News and Observer article puts it:

Parents have a month to press for changes... Nearly 18,000 Wake County elementary students should expect soon to lose their long summer breaks from classes.

So what's the big deal? I suppose the big deal is that both parents and students will soon be losing something that they have all become accustomed to, with little choice in the matter. Although many parents love the idea, it is likely that a good number hate it. What about summer camps? What about extended family trips during the summer time?

The big thing is the loss of choice (with any public school decision) and the loss of freedom to put one's child where ever they feel they will flourish. The best for most is not good enough.

Here's a map of the Wake County Schools. Check out yesterday's Mises Daily article.

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