Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Big Load

NYC proposed a ban on trans fats. What a load....

I can't even comprehend this stuff. What are they thinking?

Thoughts? Read more here.

Trans fats are bad for you, but nothing kills a man quite like heavy-handed government.
Wow. Travis gets props for best quote of the day.

I can't understand the proposed ban either. I suppose there might be some internalization of externalities, since the prevelance of unhealthy people raises my insurance premimums. But I think this is a perfect example of the limits of Kaldor-Hicks efficiency as a guide to social policy.

Would anyone really want to live a world where you can't eat what you want?
Welcome to 1984. Next, chocolate rationing.
My friend and colleague who lives in New York City says that Mayor Bloomberg is a perfect example of a RINO. Sadly, he's considered by the Democrats -- as was Guiliana --as a right-wing reactionary.

Hopefully, NC won't become a NYC where Republicans sound more like the MoveOn.Org crowd. At least we have people in NC like Sen. Fred Smith and other GOP conservatives. But I can see a time when the closest thing we'll have in NC to a conservative is a Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
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