Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Freshman left off Student Senate ballot - News

Freshman left off Student Senate ballot - News
SPEL member takes the heat for SG and administrative ineptitude. Doucett is the only one involved with any integrity.

And, my letter to the editor. Let's see if they print it.

Dear Technician,
T. Greg Doucett is the only man in SG with any integrity. We should shut
the whole thing down and refund the students. If students want to form a
group let them pay for it themselves, stop the redistribution of funds.
The "Free Money" signs put out by SG sickened me. We are enabling the
creation of the next generation of corrupt politicians by sustaining SG
and its administrative counterparts. Get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy
insulated from constituent feedback. What we have now is just as bad as
taxation without representation.

Nathanael Snow, Junior, Economics
You are going to have to explain this a bit more. It doesn't seem very clear, as to what happened, by the Technician article.

Who's in SPEL exactly?
T. Greg Doucett is listed on Facebook as a SPEL member. I may have presumed he is an active member. He was in Dr. Cordato's class last spring.
The Technician article is unclear.
Doucett attempted to do his job, but administration officials were behind the ball, and the candidate failed to follow through and verify her status. It seems to me Doucett accepted responsibility disproportionate to his duties while everyone else involved played "pass the buck" especially on the administration's side.
By the way, they did print my letter in today's paper.
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